Snow Tha Product – Petty

I support the sisterhood as much as all of us strong, beautiful women out here.

However, the culture of female competition still lingers and, once in a while, our beautiful auras recognize that shade is thrown. 

Leave it to Snow to properly verbalize that drama with a fun, sexy video that pokes fun at the childish ways some women may treat one another while letting us know how she plans to squash it. Hence, the name of the track.

Produced by DJ Pumba, who also worked on the #vibehigher album with Castro Escobar and Jandro,  “Petty” carries an infectious beat that highlights Snow’s swift delivery of lyrical kick-backs and call-outs. Please enjoy with care.

Gavlyn – Distance

What is it about Gav?

One of my favorite artists, Gavlyn continues her hip hop reign with the music video release for her track “Distance”. Produced by Lean Low and DJ Dubplates, the song maintains her old school vibes and classy approach even on the distasteful topic of deceitful relationships. Gav has the ability to speak her mind gracefully over smooth beats, and this video, directed by Enkrypt Los Angeles, matches her cool, calm demeanor with ethereal visuals as she narrates the all-too-familiar discovery of the two-timing ex-boyfriend.

The progression of her lyrics and the music video plot is relatable to female fans who are navigating sticky relationships where responses are cryptic, actions unreliable, and heartbreak seemingly inevitable. The difference between Gavlyn and other artists is that her approach is rarely angry, opting for a matter-of-fact sensibility and mature perspective that allows her music to thrive across gender lines.

Gav’s ability to be vulnerable, reflective and compassionate demonstrates her enduring strength as a woman immersed in today’s all-too-forgiving dating world while claiming a leading role in the underground hip hop realm.

She just finished her #HEARTNHUSTLETOUR with another leading femcee Reverie and their dope devoted team of DJ Dubplates, LoudenEnkrypt Los Angeles, Sage One the Wise, J.R.OD. and Versoul (formerly known as Babii Cris). You can catch Gavlyn and Reverie #GAVNREV next in Europe – check out Gav’s label’s website Broken Complex for more info.